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  • I Want My Life Back

    I Want My Life Back

    I was walking through the house doing some catch up chores like spot cleaning rugs and cleaning cupboard doors and suddenly I blurted out, “I want my life back”. Because for the last almost two months, my time and efforts have been usurped by the chaos of my mother’s crumbling life. I tried in vain […]

  • Life Has Layers

    Life Has Layers

    Life has layers. Especially if you are a caretaker and a homekeeper. And within this web of work, there is a priority hierarchy. In my head, there are tasks that take precedence and others that can wait. And as I’ve become more and more busy with the moving in of my mother, I have bogged […]

  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Extra Time

    Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Extra Time

    I finally vanquished the constant chatter of fear in my head, and now I seem to be able to get more done. I show up wherever I think I need to and do what needs doing, often without listing it on a to do list. Yesterday I cleaned out the downstairs closet in need of […]

  • Fighting Our Invisibility and Asking for Help

    Fighting Our Invisibility and Asking for Help

    These past couple of pandemic years have made me irreversibly aware of how much of what I, and many many women, do which goes unnoticed. We and much of our efforts are taken for granted. If the people we look to for validation don’t value us, we don’t consider who we are and what we […]

  • Day One of 28 Days Come What May Project

    Day One of 28 Days Come What May Project

    This project was a long time coming. Having spent two years in the largest body I’ve ever been in and trying very hard to practice radical self-acceptance while secretly and simultaneously loathing my body and wanting to fix it, I quit Noom and the gym. I decided that there was changes that needed to be […]

  • Decisions and Empty Boxes

    Decisions and Empty Boxes

    I believe that our Capitalistic Society now suffers from obesity of possession. And I am just as guilty of this as anyone. I have two air pumps to choose from and a blow-up mattress that leaks. Two thirds of my beloved jackets and coats no longer fit me. And yesterday I tried on two or […]

  • Friday Picture Show

    Friday Picture Show

    It’s been a slow news week for me. I’m plodding along crossing things off my list. Doing the seasonal clean in my house. Planning to take a load to auction in a week and a half. I’m in do it mode and found myself at a loss for what to say here on the blog. […]

  • Make Plans with Your Worst Self in Mind

    Make Plans with Your Worst Self in Mind

    A “Good Day” is one where my children don’t give me a hard time. “Yes Mom” and “Sure Mom”, “How can I help Mom” they say. When I have slept without my body waking me up from some sort of weird pain. A day that is not overbooked and everything rolls out as planned. A […]

  • Here and Happy

    Here and Happy

    Perhaps guided by some previous words of the year, Release (ease) and Trust, my days have been devoid of push and rush. Thankfully, the anxieties of the past lives have melted into the abyss. A combination of happily being on anti-depressives and a discussion about self-hatred with my therapist which brought me back to the […]

  • Make the Space and See What Happens

    Make the Space and See What Happens

    I’ve been doing a lot of clearing in my life this past year. Being trapped at home makes the clutter become a little more annoying. And so I began to load out stuff. I got replacement stuff where necessary. And I also had a look at how cluttered my schedule was. And I relinquished roles […]