For me, the holidays are all about creativity. Creating and playing with the décor for my tree and my house is a chance to be the real me. A holy spirit thing for me. So let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing and give you a story on how this works or doesn’t.

Faffing and Crafting for Christmas on Shalavee.comEvery year, I start a little earlier with everything. As I mentioned in my post, Ho-ho Into the Holidays I Go, my Christmas cards were created and ordered before Thanksgiving. Presents were in by the first week in December which has given me copious amounts of precious time to craft and faff to my heart’s content.

Faffing and Crafting for Christmas on Shalavee.comIn contrast, last year, I had every intention to change up and redecorate my Christmas tree. I had some ideas and then there was suddenly no time for me with the moving of my mother, the trauma of which still lingers. But this year, I got a mulligan and that’s what I’ve been working on as well. My new tree ornaments include white velvet balls and gold painted oak leaves.

Faffing and Crafting for Christmas on Shalavee.comBut, as I pointed out to my husband, just because I have the time doesn’t mean I have the muse. In the past, I have showed up for my creative time and pushed myself through the decorating tasks without inspiration. This feels flat and frustrating, though, I came back the next day to redo it.

For this reason, I need plenty of time and space to be in the “mood”. And I have to admit, I felt encroached on when my decorating efforts were interrupted by a crying daughter and a need to make dinner.

Faffing and Crafting for Christmas on Shalavee.comI even gave myself some warmup time with the making of a mini tree for my mom. Yes, I generously made a tree for her with a sea theme. And yes, she liked it. Of course. I loved designing it with the sea glass garland and some quilt ornaments I made a long time ago.

Faffing and Crafting for Christmas on Shalavee.comMore pictures to come.

More faffing to happen.


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