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  • And It All Comes From Believing You Can’t

    And It All Comes From Believing You Can’t

    Yesterday, I made some efforts and worked on my work and ended the day on a proud note. Easily written but know how this action has been hung up in my head, and in my life, by the inaction resulting from saying the very same thing to myself over and over and over again. You […]

  • Self-Esteem is Like an Ever-Leaking Blow-up Mattress

    Self-Esteem is Like an Ever-Leaking Blow-up Mattress

    I feel like I’m always searching for the secret recipe to “Normal”, or what my ideal definition of normalcy is. But there are shades of white male idealism so entwined in this word that I’m pretty sure that ideal is a spoiled mirage, neither obtainable nor desirable. My low self-esteem hasn’t done me any favors […]

  • Allowing For More Embers of Pride

    Allowing For More Embers of Pride

    On December 22nd of this year, 2022, I had an essay published online. Titled The Major Aha Moment When I Stopped Fixating on Fixing Myself, you can read it HERE. I had submitted this to the Tiny Buddha blog back in September before the melee of Mom’s move and the Holiday gauntlet. Lori shot back […]

  • I Want My Life Back

    I Want My Life Back

    I was walking through the house doing some catch up chores like spot cleaning rugs and cleaning cupboard doors and suddenly I blurted out, “I want my life back”. Because for the last almost two months, my time and efforts have been usurped by the chaos of my mother’s crumbling life. I tried in vain […]

  • Resigned to My Now

    Resigned to My Now

    There’s not a lot of room for me right now with Mom’s temporary stay.I have accepted that. I am the caretaker. This is my current job. I remember this lack of me time from when the children were babies. But I knew I would eventually put them to bed. That isn’t the case here. She […]

  • When the Creative Process Halts, Do You Give Up?

    When the Creative Process Halts, Do You Give Up?

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” said Charles Dickens in the Tale of Two Cities, a book I read so long ago that I have forgotten the plot now. But I am currently living these words that I remembered. On the heels of something incredible and miraculous comes something […]

  • Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Extra Time

    Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Extra Time

    I finally vanquished the constant chatter of fear in my head, and now I seem to be able to get more done. I show up wherever I think I need to and do what needs doing, often without listing it on a to do list. Yesterday I cleaned out the downstairs closet in need of […]

  • Alternative Eating

    Alternative Eating

    As I began my 28 days come what May project this past Spring, I thumbed through all my recipes ripped from Cooking Light magazines. I picked out the ones that had some appeal and then filled in my grocery list with their ingredients. There was ground chicken and farro, baby bok choy and chayote squash. […]

  • My 11th Blogaversary for

    My 11th Blogaversary for

    This August 2022 marked the 11th year of blogging. But I have had no urge whatsoever to tell anyone about this. Why? Because I just couldn’t see how I had achieved enough with all of these years. Because I am not a popular money-making blog. How do we measure success after all but money and […]

  • For the Love of Me

    For the Love of Me

    It saddens me to think of all that power I have given away to others in my life. To my ex-husband and the bosses who were unkind to me. To the people who rejected my creative submissions or didn’t hire me or follow through for me. I made choices based on what I thought people […]