What does it take to create a new perspective?

First it takes you being so sick of the story you’ve been telling that you will do almost anything to rewrite the one you’ve been living. The new year was approaching, and I needed a new story. I made few decisions ahead of time. One of these decisions was that I wanted to stop shame dead in its tracks and take back responsibility of my finances.

Suddenly, I saw the Dow Janes course that looked right for me because it is directed towards women, and I knew in my gut it was right. Since I take care of the finances at my house, I asked if my husband’s company could pay for it please? And I began a new story about money.

I began the course module’s outing myself about all the oogy and weird feelings I had towards money from my upbringing. I wrote letters to money and wrote out goals and even gave myself the name of Steadfast Shalagh. I’ve entered all the numbers in the spreadsheets. I’m weeding my money garden every day and have already paid off a few bills.

Intuiting A New Perspective on Shalavee.comAbundance List

And last week, I realized what I really needed to raise my energy and dreaming ability around a life filled with abundance was to list out all the things I wish for and hopefully feel into the permission to have these beautiful wishes.

Here is my list.

I would like to have money enough to afford to…

  • Buy my daughter the new leotard she needs plus a dance jacket.
  • Send her to a weeklong overnight Summer camp
  • Host more lavish events
  • Fix up my house while I still live in it
  • Pay off the house
  • Plant a beautiful garden
  • Get orthodonture work on my teeth
  • Have really nice shoes and clothing
  • Take trips and travel with my family
  • Donate to causes that I love

Somehow, thinking about these permissions to live more easily and adventurously made me happy and felt more like an impetuous than much of what I had worked out so far.

Feel the Feelings That You Want to Feel

Because to move yourself onward, you have to feel the feelings that you want, feel how it feels to have abundance, Feel the gratitude towards yourself around creating the life that you not only would love, but that you deserve to all the hard work you’ve done all of your life to deserve a break.

Hope this helps you start to consider your abundance or lack of and how you too might make choices that support a change instead of staying where you are and accepting your fate.


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