I’m a definite homebody. I need my space and my time in my home to ground me. To be quiet enough to hear the cardinal outside the window chirping before zooming to snag a bug off our white vinyl siding. Quiet enough to hear what my future me needs to hear. Slow enough to take time to iron the napkins and notice there sure are a lot of grease spots on them.

If other people are around the house, I’ve got a history of prioritizing them as they advantageously take me for granted. Better boundaries began construction at the first of the year as I made commitments to several big life changes to take care of me and my family.

Shift happens only when you force it to

Seeds do not grow until you plant them. Change nothing and nothing changes. Shift happens only when you force it to.

I have spent the past 3 months working hard to recover my heart, my blog, and my body to go forward more contentedly. So, today, as I ramble around my dirty ancient home that I am behind in everything in, I feel this immense gratitude for the life I’m beginning to live. And for the people whose community has buoyed me in my darker hours. People who are kind and gracious and I’ve never met face to face.

Feel this need to bring you into my life more deeply and share with eachother. How might I do this? You are privy to more of my journal writing than you know. But also, I want to take more walks with you and chat at you and with you about stuff that matters to me. Because you have shown me that I matter to you.

So Much Love To You!


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