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Hope is a gift we give ourselves.

Not too long ago, I was an anxious creative who needed to create more, trust myself, and diminish my anxieties.  While I succeeded in these goals, I remain continually in this process.

I believe every person has the power to move their life hopefully forward. Our happier lives await our permission to live them.

My blog posts are intended to help empower you to craft your own plan to regain a sense of self-trust and to help you gather the tools you need to grow yourselves in the ways that make you happy.

Sometimes we need to borrow a cup of permission to do the hard things.

I want to create the life that I’m meant for.

My term for living my life with creative intent is Creative Soul Living. The story of my journey to my creative wholehearted living existence can be found on Terri Connelan’s Quiet Writing blog at Gathering My Lessons: A Wholehearted Living Story.

There are over seven years and a thousand blog posts housed here at Here, I’ve listed a few of the best posts for these Categories:

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 There isn’t much in my life that happens that I don’t know I can learn something from. As I listen to my intuition to inform my choices, I’m developing self-trust, creating a recipe for my own happiness, and cultivating a sense of belonging in my community which I created to support myself in my self-development journey.

I believe it’s not only possible, it’s necessary to create the life you want to see and be. As a highly visual creative, maybe even an “artist”, I’m compelled to dabble in interior design, paper collage, and decorate events and windows. I believe in Creativism, that all our choices can be guided by our intuition to serve us to live as our truest selves. My driving thoughts and theories are that you can’t be anxious and truly creative at the same time. In acknowledging our creativity, we develop self-trust and soothe our collective souls.

My goal is creative soul salvation.

I’m beginning to regain my permission to create just for joyful creativity’s sake. When art is a daily non-negotiable, like brushing my teeth, I am happier and more grounded. There’s no argument over whether I feel like it or have time for it, I’m just working on it and getting it done. Because my soul is worth it.

I am equal parts verbal and visual. As a writer, I write to discover what I think and what I want to release. My authority is my truth and that seems enoughI write to exist and I exist to write. As I journal and blog, I practice self-compassion, learn self-trust, and have written away much of my anxieties, reconnected with my intuition. I am now connected to a small worldwide community thanks to my writing. You can find a page full of Beefier Reads here

My Five Words for Motherhood are Relentless, Chaos, Temperance, Perseverance, & Confusion. But motherhood would never ask you to not be you. It asks you to be a better you. To be brave, to impress, and to trust yourself. To make a plan you’d be proud to accomplish and then stay the course and see what happens. Even in Summer! You are the best mother when you rise up be a hero for both them and you. Being human, falling down and getting back up is a very noble process and one we owe ourselves and our children a chance to see us grab and run with. 

 We moved from a big city to a small town. And this creative spent a lot of time at home with small people.  I have a passion for decoratingeating and dining , and have suffered gardening mishaps and their metaphorsMy style is old world, new way. Since everything I do needs to be unique (read non-conformist), my house is obviously one of a kind. 

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