You know those sudden changes you see other people go through seemingly overnight. You think their hair looks better and they’re carrying themselves differently from the last time you saw them. Or that lady you used to say Hi to at the store is suddenly on a morning talk show you watch. And you wonder what changed for them so suddenly?

Seeing people from the outside isn’t reflective of what they may have been going through on their inside, especially if you seldom see them. Big changes can have occurred which may all have started with an internal shift. For me, I decided to no longer be a part of any story that involves blame or shame.

Several traumatic experiences involving money last year had me feeling a great deal of shame. On one occasion, I cried for days. And in another situation, I had to take out a huge loan I hadn’t intended to. When I had a relation tell me to go get a job, I said, no more. I want no more money shame. 

Concurrently, Menopausal Mommy vowed to do away with uncomfortable psychotic hot flashes. After finding out our healthcare company required us to spend $6500 each/separately for our deductible to be reached, not jointly, I said no more to horrendous healthcare coverage that keeps us broke and doesn’t cover Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. So, we’re saving at least $570 a month on that healthcare expense so I can feel better physically.

I Said “Enough” and Then Shift Happened on Shalavee.comI’ve sworn to do whatever it takes to build wealth, savings, and continue my own health journey,

These ideas led to research and shifts started before the new year was born.

Shift happens when we have had enough of other people mistreating us or our own self-neglect. We cannot show up with love in hearts for the people we care for if we do not show up for the love and care we need to give ourselves. I’ve considered all sorts of shift catalysts, and this was my story of how mine happened.

I gave myself permission to choose to be done tolerating some of my life’s circumstances. The decisions and actions which followed were made from a necessity to do better by and for myself.

So far, I’ve been in my wealth management course for a month and a half and have been enjoying hormone replacement therapy for 6 weeks.

These two choices alone make me feel pretty powerful.

And I have one more big decision that I’m working on that will be just as big as these. Stay Tuned!

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