Hello and Happy Halloween and Samhain to you!

Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays. I would dress up and decorate without fail every year and even while Eamon was little. But my interest dwindled when I had Fiona. I just didn’t have the energy anymore. There are posts here on the blog about the costumes my kids wore for Halloween.

Additionally, we also don’t get trick or treaters visiting our house where we live so I’m not motivated to make effort for the outside world.

Resurrecting My Halloween Efforts on Shalavee.comHowever, this year, I wanted to make Halloween decorating efforts just for myself. Resurrecting My Halloween Efforts on Shalavee.com So, I culled my favorite objects and props and redecorated selectively for a little Halloween spirit. I’m resurrecting my Give-A-Shite for Halloween to just include myself this year.

Resurrecting My Halloween Efforts on Shalavee.comI made a video of myself walking and talking in my living room and dining room.  See my recent Instagram walkthrough of my Cozy Livingroom here. You can see that here. I took this handful of photos around the downstairs and greet all the kitty cats as I go.Resurrecting My Halloween Efforts on Shalavee.com

Thanksgiving is less than a month away and I was motivated to tune up the house to feel even more relaxed and cozy. Set the scene for relaxation and fun.

Resurrecting My Halloween Efforts on Shalavee.comStay tuned for the reveal of my redecorated parlor space, a room used for our office and where we watch tv. 

Resurrecting My Halloween Efforts on Shalavee.com

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