About Me

About Me

I was born and remain Shalagh Hogan. Pronounced Shay-la.

I named my blog Shalavee (read Chez La Vie) because it is the home of my life where I value the authenticity of my voice. I found community and my own creativity on this 10-year blogging journey.

I define myself equally by both my roles as Mama/Homebody and Artist/Writer/Creative. I practice Creative Soul Living where I endeavor to notice and capture, both in words and pictures, the larger truths of life from my daily observations.

I am a Seeker, a Sage, an Artist, a Mother, and a true Friend and I believe in Hope and the Powerful potential of every person to make their own plan and change their lives by creative self-discovery. 

My voice is every woman’s voice, the voice of the mother, the creative, and of my truest self. My stories of my struggles with self-esteem and courage may be part of your story as well. I hope you feel comfortable enough to stay and read these stories.

And I hope that you find your own way to heal yourself and make the connections and community you need to belong to yourself again.

Thank you for your presence.



My name is Shalagh Hogan, pronounced Shay-La. I’m the mother of a ten and an eighteen-year-old, and this twelve-year-old blog. I turn 57 this year. My days are spent practicing Creative Soul Living. My hope and joy as a writer, an artist, and an uber-creative, is that by sharing my journey of self-discovery, others will gain inspiration and permission for their own journeys. Creativity is essential to my well-being and, I believe, to everyone’s.

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