About Me

I was born and remain Shalagh Hogan. Pronounced Shay-la.

I named my blog Shalavee (read Chez La Vie) because it is the home of my life where I value the authenticity of my voice. I found community and my own creativity on this 10-year blogging journey.

I define myself equally by both my roles as Mama/Homebody and Artist/Writer/Creative. I practice Creative Soul Living where I endeavor to notice and capture, both in words and pictures, the larger truths of life from my daily observations.

I am a Seeker, a Sage, an Artist, a Mother, and a true Friend and I believe in Hope and the Powerful potential of every person to make their own plan and change their lives by creative self-discovery. 

My voice is every woman’s voice, the voice of the mother, the creative, and of my truest self. My stories of my struggles with self-esteem and courage may be part of your story as well. I hope you feel comfortable enough to stay and read these stories.

And I hope that you find your own way to heal yourself and make the connections and community you need to belong to yourself again.

Thank you for your presence.