About Me

I was born and remain Shalagh Hogan. Pronounced Shay-la, it’s an Irish/Gaelic name plucked from a poem in the 60’s. I grew up in Baltimore where I then met my husband Mark. We married in the backyard of our ancient house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I’m raising a 8 year-old daughter and a 16 year-old son  and enjoying midlife motherhood. 

I am a Seeker, a Sage, an Artist, a Designer, a Mother, and a Friend. I am Writer and a 9 year-long blogger and I value the authenticity of my voice. I define myself equally by both my roles as Mama/Nestmaker and Artist/Writer/Creative. I strive to notice and capture, both in words and pictures, the larger truths of life from my daily observations.

I named my blog Shalavee (read Chez La Vie) because it is the home of my life.  Starting my blog in 2011 forced me to change in so many wonderful ways. I honed my writing skills and turned up the volume on the honest vulnerable voice I’ve always had. I found community and my own creativity on this journey.

My voice is every woman’s voice, the voice of the mother, the creative, and of my truest self. My stories of my struggles with self-esteem and courage may be your story as well. And I offer my insights on how I quelled my anxieties hoping to inspire you to do he same.

I believe in Hope and the Powerful potential of every person to make their plan and change their lives by creative self-discovery. I’d gladly lend you permission until you’ve found your own to heal yourself and make the connections and community you need to see and belong to yourself again. 

Thank you for your presence.



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