Going into the holiday season, I am acutely aware of what I ask myself to rise to. I host the Christmas festivities every year and there’s much to do in preparation.

There are the decorations which are truly first and foremost for me. Every year, I battle myself for Christmas tree perfection. I created a new tree this year and spent the better part of a week on the tree and two mantles.Your Happiness is Yours to Make, Theirs is Theirs on Sha;lavee.com

And then there’s self-designed cards plus buying and wrapping the presents. Check and check and check. But yesterday I was feeling slightly grumpy and irritated.

Now I can tell you that many folks working and interacting with the public are starting to get a little frazzled. Becoming frizzly as the Christmas crescendo builds. Irritability is only human, and I think I can adopt that feeling from others easily. But this was definitely me and my deal.

So I sat down and began to journal. I could feel the crunchy edges. And then I wondered if it was shame somehow. I want it to all be OK and I’m worried it won’t be. And that it will be my fault. Oh no.Your Happiness is Yours to Make, Theirs is Theirs on Shalavee.com

Somehow, I got to thinking that I was running this Christmas celebration show all by myself. How arrogant my fear is to think that I’m the only one in this production. My family will be there and they have their parts to play too.

All I can do is what I can do, ask for help when I can, and be responsible for MY HAPPINESS. Not everyone else’s. Hi to my codependency. Do my best and let go of the rest.

A holiday is a chance to spend time with and enjoy my family. We could eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and gift each other postage stamps and dust bunnies and we’d still have fun playing UNO. Yes, the world tells us that there are trapping we need and there’s never enough money spent on our loved ones. It’s up to us to keep sane and remember to leave capitalism at the door.

So,Your Happiness is Yours to Make, Theirs is Theirs on Shalavee.com what I want to say to you is, if you have your joy and welfare looked after, you’ll be happy and your loved ones will feel happy that you are happy. Because in the end, we can’t make anyone feel anything, good or bad. That’s their choice. But we can hedge bets by giving ourselves all the love and joy and gratitude we can possibly at this time of year,

Merry Christmas to All and to all Happiness and Good Tidings!



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