It’s just stupid hot these days. Dog days of Summer are here in Maryland. Dehydrated and dizzy even indoors, we’re all just doing our own things to while away the days until the next vacation.Dog Daze Gaze on

Of course, l have an overly aspiring project list. I put it down on paper this morning so l could get it out of my head.

Fiona has been chomping at the bit to redecorate her room since last fall. She’s got priority for repainting. Then there’s a parlor redesign. And all my journals to the craftroom now that seeing stuff is gone.Dog Daze Gaze on

And I worked for a while on the notebook that my friend Shannon made me to house my 100 day project. That still continues. From my #100daysoflettinggoofpastshite project, I have learned to give myself permission to take however much time l need to complete it.  And to not judge the value of the project on how others are responding to it but rather how I’m feeling about it.

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