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  • December 2017 in Pictures

    December 2017 in Pictures

    Christmas is a force to be reckoned with. It rolls up on you like some sort of stealth vehicle running on joyful intentions with wicked time constraints. Here’s my thus far pictures to prove that we’re moving right along through the season. And my story is that this Christmas, I was more proactive than ever […]

  • My Remodeled Pink Dining Room

    My Remodeled Pink Dining Room

    It was recently brought to my attention that I had never posted the “redecorate the dining room” post. This was a May ’17 project I set myself to completing before hosting a dinner party, taking our green dining room and transforming it into a pink dining room. And I was truly pleased with myself and […]

  • Fool-headed Husbands Need to Let Go of Control

    Fool-headed Husbands Need to Let Go of Control

    I was a lunch guest of a woman whom I liked her and admired for starting her own Interior design business. I always thought interior decorating was one of those professions I’d missed my calling for. And she was a liberal thinker, funny, and kind. Within her lovely home, there was a dining room set […]

  • When Being at Home Can Happen Anywhere

    When Being at Home Can Happen Anywhere

    My daily prayer is for a shift. Please let my mind shift to see me and my world and my potential differently today. To value what I have and what I know with respect and reverence. I leave the house hoping to break my “same brain”. And I do for a little while driving or […]

  • Hallway Renovation Update

    Hallway Renovation Update

    I notice that sometimes there are items that will sit on my to-do list for an uncomfortably long time, taunting me with their incompletion. The reasons why they are not being accomplished had evaded me. But they linger like a pain deep in my hip saying there’s something worth an x-ray going on in there. […]

  • Crunchy Christmas House Tour 2016 – 2017

    Oh the inferences I had trying to film this video! I had every intention of filming it way before the holiday was over. But then the kids were home. And then it was overcast. And then winter hit and it was overcast all the time. I picked the whole house up one day and was […]

  • Christmas 2016 is Decorated

    Christmas 2016 is Decorated

    When asked why I hadn’t gone to any effort to wear an ugly sweater to our neighbor’s party, I answered, this is not my realm of effort. I use every drop of my holiday creativity to decorate my tree. My tree is for me and it kicks everyone else’s tree’s butt. Plus at my age, […]

  • We’re All An Event Planner for Christmas

    We’re All An Event Planner for Christmas

    Since the season is about to be fully in gear for 2016 and I may need to keep my eyes on that road, I’m reposting some of my favorite past Christmas posts to keep you entertained if you are in need. Enjoy this wrap up from 2015! If you were told you’d been volunteered as […]

  • Redecorating Junkie

    Redecorating Junkie

    I feel “off” if I don’t try to redecorate my mantel spaces, bar top, and/or shelves every so often. I’m especially compelled to make a total difference redecorating for Summer and for Winter. It’s a “Thing”. This year, I happily entertained the achievement of some of this activity both for Halloween here and now for […]

  • Halloween Decorations 2016

    Halloween Decorations 2016

    I almost didn’t do it. I thought about the effort it smacked of and the time it would take to go into the attic and drag everything out and down. And then I thought about how happy their little faces would be seeing Halloween explode in the house miraculously. And so I decorated! No plan, […]