A year has passed since my 28 Days Come What May project. It ended up being a success in that I did end up losing the weight just for the fact that I changed my anti-anxiety medicine that had caused me to gain it in the first place. That new med has recently changed again and I’m happy to report the newest one has not added weight.

Time for a new project. And this one came to me while I was driving a few days ago.

If you remember, I outed myself for having too much junk in the hidden corners of my house. The attic is brimming with stuff that I suspect I hold onto not just for sentimentality but for the fact that maybe I haven’t decided who I am and perhaps I think my stuff will provide answers. And I’ll be using my Empty Box Theory to help myself through.

A New Project Called 100 Days of Letting Go of My Past Shite on Shalavee.comI’ve decided that it’s time for a 100 day project based on Letting Go. This is not a new idea. A lady named Gail Blanke made a good chunk of change with a book titled Letting Go of 50 Things.

BLANKE: Well, a funny thing happens. A really good thing happens when you throw out 50 things and, by the way, that can be stuff, physical stuff. It can be emotional stuff, but when you hit 50, a funny thing comes over you and it’s a new mindset.

But 50 isn’t going to be enough. I think I will title my project, 100 Days of Letting Go of Shite From My Past. 

I am hoping that when I put my hands on these objects, I’ll have a little more impetus to actually move them out of the house. But more, I want to know what part of my life each of these objects represents and what I’d like to take from that memory. I’ll be sharing picture and the backstories of the objects somehow. And it’s my hope that once again, I’ll discover what it is I really want to remember about my life.

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