Wisdom Lesson Letters

A Gift of Conection

I am truly excited to offer my readership a piece of my heart and soul. Wisdom Lesson Letters is a subscription for you, or anyone you love, for which you receive monthly homemade art snail mail directly into your hands.

The post will contain happy handmade art by me and a letter with encouraging and inspirational words from my head to pen to your paper. These are one of a kind especially made for you pieces and parcels.

Look Forward to Snail Mail Again

This subscription is monthly and includes postage. Order by midnight on the last day of the month and you receive a piece of art mail in your mailbox by the 15th of the following month. If you live on a continent other than North America, I’ll guarantee your post will be sent out on the same day in the beginning of each month. And it will get there every month.

You can order your happy-art mail month-by-month, as a 6-month subscription, or as a whole year’s subscription. Again pricing includes the postage. If you’d like to gift this to someone else, you need only to put their address in the recipient’s information when you check out instead.

There isn’t much in my life that happens that I don’t know I can learn something from. As I listen to my intuition to inform my choices creating a recipe for my own happiness and cultivating a sense of belonging in my community which I created to support myself in my self-development journey.

Pay $12 US Dollars for a single month.
Pay $60 US Dollars for 6 months.
Pay $ 100 US Dollars for 12 months.


There are 15 subscriptions available so grab your space while they last.

Thank You!

I am looking forward to beginning this new journey with you, both as an artist, a creative, and a connections junkie. I know you will love my new offering.

Thank you for allowing me to expand my creativity and soul work into your lives. I hope you are as excited as me to be a part of this exchange of energy and creativity.

Questions? Contact me!

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My name is Shalagh Hogan, pronounced Shay-La. I’m the mother of a ten and an eighteen-year-old, and this twelve-year-old blog. I turn 57 this year. My days are spent practicing Creative Soul Living. My hope and joy as a writer, an artist, and an uber-creative, is that by sharing my journey of self-discovery, others will gain inspiration and permission for their own journeys. Creativity is essential to my well-being and, I believe, to everyone’s.

Wisdom Lesson Letters

I am offering an art letter snail mail subscription now. Wisdom Lesson Letters are one of a kind, created by me, with my art and my thoughts especially to you. I love to speak of positivity, creativity, and my love of community.

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