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  • Alternative Eating

    Alternative Eating

    As I began my 28 days come what May project this past Spring, I thumbed through all my recipes ripped from Cooking Light magazines. I picked out the ones that had some appeal and then filled in my grocery list with their ingredients. There was ground chicken and farro, baby bok choy and chayote squash. […]

  • I Cook and I Eat

    I Cook and I Eat

    My best friend took me to an authentic El Salvadoran restaurant in Delaware the other day. It’s in the back of a Hispanic grocery store where the ceiling is filled with pinatas with Disney characters on them. And we had the most amazing homemade tacos and pupusas and pastelitos. My friend and I were in […]

  • My Key Lime Pie Recipe

    My Key Lime Pie Recipe

    After a few decades bringing food to potlucks, you develop your own go-tos to make. In the Summertime, my must bring is Key Lime pie. The recipe is ridiculously simple and the graham cracker pie crust tins make great carrying containers. Key Lime Pie One premade graham cracker pie crust 4 egg yolks and one […]

  • Tunisian Stew

    Tunisian Stew

    I was first introduced to Tunisian Stew, aka Seven Vegetable Stew, when a friend hosting an annual dinner party served it. I was dubious about the meatless stew but was surprised at the substantial texture and the exotic and Middle Eastern flavors including Tumeric and Cinnamon. This vegetable stew is a good go-to when I’ve […]

  • A Warm Salad?

    A Warm Salad?

    This is a republication of an old favorite from 2012. Hope you feel inspired to cook from it. I can always use some inspiration. I’d promised to pass along my recipe for a yummy warm salad with garbanzo beans (aka chick peas), orange zest, tomatoes, and salmon to my friend. Having pulled the recipe out […]

  • Food Porn

    Food Porn

    I realize that you may or may not know how much I love to cook. I do take pictures sometimes of what I make but I even more seldomly am posting them. I don’t know why. Well maybe it’s because there’s a lot that goes into being a food blogger. Except who doesn’t like oggling […]

  • Making Fresh Pasta for the Fresh Tomato Sauce

    Making Fresh Pasta for the Fresh Tomato Sauce

    Usually in August every year, when the tomatoes begin to stack up, I suddenly need to make tomato sauce. I roasted the cherry and grape tomatoes and added them into the sauce for a twist. It was so sweet I had to add a little rice wine vinegar to bring back some acidity. And since […]

  • Eating From Our Cupboard

    Eating From Our Cupboard

    There is definitely something satisfying about having my cupboard stocked. As much as I wanted to complain about grocery shopping in this post, I have a sense of bounty when it’s full. Our cupboard is an old metal cabinet inherited from Grandmom that is more like a pantry. I removed my upper cabinets in the […]

  • Are You a Mourning Cook Too?

    Are You a Mourning Cook Too?

    There was once a time when I cooked for the joy of it. I dared to try different techniques, different regional tastes, or daring feats of culinary craziness. I deboned a turkey for Thanksgiving just to say I did it. I make a mean tiramisu when I take the time to. That went with my […]

  • Eat Your Rainbow

    Eat Your Rainbow

    I’m no health fanatic but a yummy food aficionado? Absolutely. I also love beautiful pictures and art. I love colors. I swoon over a wildflower garden with butterflies or a rainbow in the sky. So when it comes to wanting to make pretty food, I’m inspired by natures palette to be a little more creative. […]