I’ve begun again.

That pesky 100-day project thing.

Why do I keep doing this? Commit myself to showing up to my craft room workbench day after day, year after year?

Because I need to remind myself and remember, I am an artist and I love showing up to create. See my post about showing up for myself.

But what I also know is that when you show up to do your work for so many days in a row, there’s magic that happens. With your muse’s help, you begin to understand that showing up for yourself is an amazing gift to you. Like when your parents showed up for your school concert, you knew you were important. Our inner children still need this.

I Begin Again, My 7th 100 Day Project on Shalavee.comRegaining My Self-trust

Regaining my self-trust seems to be something I need to do on a regular basis. All of my adult life, both consciously and unconsciously, I have been forgetting myself. I’d have a good run in life and creativity and then a trauma was followed by failure. A pattern l wasn’t aware of until I was. Because the best way to guarantee your failure and prove you’re unworthy is to give up. Giving up is the opposite of showing up.

I’ve got my own back currently. I’ve been down this road of creative attendance, and I know I am trustworthy to show up to (make) art at least. But I am still missing some magic somewhere. So, this is me going out to look for it. I am looking for it in library books and I think I may need an art museum run. Walks in nature near water may be helpful too. Court the muse and then show up every day in case she feels sexy.I Begin Again, My 7th 100 Day Project on Shalavee.com

Asking For Support

And I can also tell you that having a community stepping up and supporting me in my creative challenges is such a boon and boost to my esteem. I adore how all my participating friends show up to each other’s pages to cheer one another on. I need more practice in asking for support and cheering on. Because I honestly get so high on community.

Imagine, this is only the first week. What magic will happen in the weeks to come.

Keep watching and you just might be inspired to entertain your muse soon too.

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