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This year, 2021, the 100 Day project started early. Since many of us were still keeping to ourselves due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it was a brilliant strategy to invest time in myself and rebuild some of my self-trust by doing art every single day,

This year, I chose to depict scenes from within my house on 4 x 4 squares with watercolor pencils. I have never used this medium before, so it was also an attempt to increase my skills as I did with the pastels and pencils in the previous project here.

Here are Days 81 through 100 of this years 100 Day Project and 100 Days of Shalagh which can be seen on Instagram using the hashtag #100daysofshalagh. It’s alot to keep up with the numbers and as usual, I messed up my numbering in the mid 90’s and got two day #94s. So it ends up being a 101 days project!

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This is the third time I have completed this project and coming this Fall hopefully, there will be a short film based on what this project really teaches me again and again about mindfulness and myself.

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