The 100 Day Project for 2021 is rolling right along. This is the second fifth of the project or the next 20%. Almost halfway done. And much like the others I have done, I enjoy the excuse to stop and art. I even did it during my daughter’s birthday party last weekend.

As I’ve said, this is not a medium I have ever used before. Watercolor pencils are completely new territory for me. But I love watching as I get bolder and I find techniques that work for me. I read the packaging and it said I shouldn’t dip the pencils into the water. I began to do that about ten days ago.

I think it’s sometimes better to not know what the right way is. That way the inner child doesn’t have to play by any rules.

I also have a new appreciation for my house and the vignettes and beings within it. All subjects have been very obliging and I have begun to take pictures and will display the picture and the art side by side. Remember, this is a process not a product.

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