This word of the year thing is an interesting ritual I found and began when I became a member of the online community. I thought it odd but was also intrigued with how it might benefit me, to have a word to inspire me. And yes, I also wanted to fit in with the cool kids.

My first time choosing one was in 2014. I chose Edit. I wanted to impress some cool kids in a community project called Bold Brilliant Beautiful.

In 2015, I chose Opportunity and Abundance and added Permission as my extra word. A conversation with Fear Mother made that post was a wonderful reread !

In 2016, Release was my what word and Perspective was my how word.

In 2017, I chose Courage. But I remember I didn’t I end up feeling too well about how that one played out.

TRUST – Take Root Under the Self Tree.

Let yourself be your protector.

Feel your values be your roots.

Invite people under your canopy and together, listen to the rain fall.

In 2018, I chose Trust and I can say that I finally truly felt like I lived my word that year. 

And in 2019, I chose Focus. I said, “I absolutely know that when I focus, stuff happens. It seems the operative word for Proactivity. I am capable of doing great things. I have come to understand that once I allow myself to focus, these great things happen.” It was a year of focusing on who and what I truly was with the removal of a lot of the anxiety jibber-jabber.

So this year, I am attempting a little magic mojo against the remaining anxiety. In my explanation of my word on Instagram, I said, 


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#Decemberreflections2019 – My word for 2020 is “And”. Because I want to stop thinking in extreme “Or”s. My life can be chaotic and perfect. I can be over my ideal weight and be valuable. I can never publish and still be a great writer. I am always comprised of who I was, who I am, And who I will become. I am not the sum of my body parts, my accomplishments, or my bank accounts. I exist and I belong here without earning the right to be here. “And” allows for my humanity much more than “But” or “Or”. I want to embrace all the paradoxes which belong in my life. Allow myself the perspective to choose my own best and messy life on my own terms. . Again, I am grateful for Susannah Conway’s assistance in greeting the new year with hope, perspective, and amongst friends! Happy New Year Lovelies! . #Christmastree #selfdevelopment #wordoftheyear #taleswithfriends #gaslogfire #And #mywisdomlessons #paradoxicalthinking

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All or nothing thinking does not serve us well. So today I said, I can go to an exercise class and still be overweight. Today I said, I can get some blogging and some housework done. I can be afraid and do it anyway.

And so can you.

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