For several years running, I’ve joined the “pick a word of the year” clan. From the first time I read about it, I thought this was an excellent idea. I love the inspiration that some words embody. And when you are stuck, you can meditate and ask how the word can show you a meaning out and away from your stuckness. It works, I assure you.

My 2017 word of the year is courage on

In 2015, my first word ever was Edit. Aware of my busy brain tendencies, I wanted to encourage myself to focus. Read my claim on the word edit here. I ended up adding a secondary word that year : Permission. Read about why I needed to do that here.

In 2016, my words of the year were Release and Perspective. My summary post is here. I worked very hard both in therapy as well as in my own life work to increase my self-trust. I released some lies I told myself about me as well as my concern for other people’s thoughts about me. Perspective was the way to see me through to these necessary actions.

My 2017 word of the year is courage on

This year, I thought to use Susannah Conway’s online five day help course to pick my word. Great concept, no time. And I already had a notion as to what it needed to be. It may be ironic or completely acceptable but I am terrified of the word I picked.

My word of 2017 is Courage. It is the opposite, and maybe I’m hoping the antidote, of Fear. It is a noun which I need to build and find and use. Although I like the word Brave a lot too, it was not as terrifying and I figured then not as effective. I am the cowardly lion in search of the secret to the surplus of courage, the thing I’m sure I don’t posses. You and I know better.

My 2017 word of the year is courage on

And I’ve decided to resurrect the bonus word from 2015 as a way of bolstering and allowing for the space for courage to grow. I’m readopting Permission. I saw another person had brave and another had allow and I envied them. Those sounded so much easier.

My resistance, however futile, it still an auto-response. It perhaps has something to do with this coping mechanism I discovered I had which prohibits me from finishing stuff. But my journey is still destined to be difficult until it isn’t no matter what word I choose to guide me so I might as well pick a hard word and learn how to embrace and live with my discomfort.

I hope the New Year finds you with new courage and new hope for your endeavors. Or maybe it will allow you to release what you no longer need to strive for and permits you to instead have fun working hard on something which makes your heart sing. I find the places where I lose myself are the places I find myself.

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