I was reading everyone’s New Year’s blogs. Most eschewed the concept of resolutions. I tend to agree with them when they said, it’s not about the goal but about the tweaking of the process. And I’d add, it’s about believing you are worth the effort.

The trend was more toward picking a word. Ooh I liked that. The best part of the Atlantic Monthly was the last page containing the newest words added to the dictionary. And bloggers were picking some really great words.

I considered Resolve. Nothing like buckling down to do the work you need to get done. It’s the American way. Not feeling the love.

I pondered Inspiration. This seemed more creative bound, but untethered.

I liked Intention, however it just wasn’t action verb-y enough.

And so I embraced EDIT because I know that the potential for progress for me lies in my focusing on what needs to happen next.



Every time I read how people had written their 2014 goals out, I felt irked. This is a pretty good indicator that I’m just frustrated with myself. And so I set my intention to gather all my little extraneous notes from everywhere and push myself to create goals. My obvious resistance to completing this action previously has a deeper meaning. The pattern is, if I don’t stick my neck out, I won’t be setting myself up for failure.

The goals were then separated into short, mid, and long-term. Every possibility was thrown on there. How I will monetize my blog? How I will take actions to update this sucker?And how will my niche play out if I could see through the brain cloud I have around myself and my “gifts”.

edited goal chart


The fun part started when I made a goal chart with colored paper, post-it notes, and washi tape. Trying to corral all my different concepts and to-do lists onto paper is tough. I still seem to have one too many notebooks around. A journal, and idea book, a weekly planner, a legal pad, and a mini yellow pad for daily to-dos. Ideally, I’d like to have less stuff but when the inspiration hits to map stuff out, I take it. And I happened to get a book out of the library that was very inspirational. More about that later.

close up goal chart edited


I tend to feel busy brained and crowded. I have so many ideas about all sorts of facets of my life, I have too much going on. And the baby’s constant company and no real me time to unfold into but the nighttime tinged with exhaustion, makes for a mental feeling of claustrophobia. So I made a space for myself up in my craft room to write. Physical space. And I asked for baby help as often as I can get it. Mental space to then schedule tasks that feel like movement.

card and pencil


I shuffled and condensed and touched and made decisions on papers and objects around me. I keep doing this. I keep deciding what I no longer am and gave me permission to be who I want to be. Letting go and stepping up. Asking for support and accepting it. And this is the process of editing.  I feel lighter. I feel more positive. And I feel certain that this year’s going to be Bold Brilliant and Beautiful.

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    1. Thanks Maggie May. I’m surprised that I haven’t been making regular goals because I’m a Virgo and that’s what we do. But I feel differently this year about everything. That board was really just scrap squares thrown onto a white background with post-it notes. Anything visually appealing gets me motivated. I’m trying mind mapping too.

  1. I love this, Shalagh. I love editing – my life, my dreams, my stuff, my clothes. Getting rid of things that no longer work for me or that I don’t want in my life any more brings me an extraordinary amount of pleasure. 🙂

    1. Yes Melanie, we share a history of shedding bad habits making room for the good ones to come clambering into their place. I’m looking to clear space, define self, and write more with less words. Thanks so much, editing and receiving comments give me equal amounts of pleasure.

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