I am at the halfway point of my project and I am feeling tired and achey but otherwise well and positive about the outcome so far. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may know what ( the heck ) my 28 days Come What May Project is. If not, it is a self-improvement project that I began on May 2nd to get into shape and lose the weight I’ve gained.

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One reason I created this project was to take advantage of a switch in my anti-anxiety medication. The first one I went on helped tremendously, yet was a huge part of my weight gain. And then when I tried to lose the weight, it thwarted me from doing so. I just couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. Turns out, it wasn’t me as much as the medication’s side effects. And that really did mess with my head.

Halfway through My #28DayComeWhatMay Project on Shalavee,comI am happy to have switched my meds and to feel less hungry. But there’s always the part where I wait to see what other side effects will come along with a new medication. In my head, I’m poised feet apart listening to what’s being said in my body. The one I tried in between these two gave me itchy feet, hot flashes, and even worse constipation than I have usually. With this one I’m feeling a little more moody, weepy, and irritable. I don’t like it but I get the feeling this is more the real me.

I guess you could call this my new normal. I’m exercising every day and getting my 8,000 steps in. But there’s even more backstory. Last year, I had a procedure done on my left SI joint where they zapped the nerves around that joint so it wouldn’t hurt. I had EMDR therapy so that I would have a panic attack around the blood pressure cuff after I was tossed out of the operating room the first time for high blood pressure.Halfway through My #28DayComeWhatMay Project on Shalavee,com

After I quit the gym because I needed to stop the weight obsession from ruining my life any more, I joined the Beachbody program through my new coach, Jenelle Montilone, whom I’ve had my eye on for this job for a very long time.

What looks like someone “just did something” often has a lot more effort, choices, and even failures behind it. That’s definitely where my story is unfolding from. I made choices to change things to make a bigger change. I risked and I plotted and I intentionally shifted and made the space to grow beyond where I was with the same thoughts and the same actions which kept giving me the same results.

And I am happy that I kept on keeping on because I am proud to say that I’m about to make my first goal and break through my stubborn 190lbs plateau and fall to 189lbs. I believe it may be time for a celebration. Homemade Corn muffins perhaps? A fire pit? 

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