Less is More

Slow and Steady

Any and all of these inspirational phrases can sound great and apply conceptually for reaching a goal like losing weight or getting fitter. But without context, they seem stupid. Because it’s what’s in your heart that makes them make sense.

If you do not deserve to feel good about yourself, these will mean nothing.

A journey for your body’s well-being will always start in your heart with your inner child.

I don’t remember this about my girlhood but I see Fiona admiring herself in the mirror quite often. She is very beautiful, although I think children are beautiful no matter. And at some point, this self-admiration was scolded and replaced with the directive that I should now look at myself through the lens of man. Object not subject. This would guarantee my survival.

And here I am 50 years later struggling to love the body I live in daily.

So, I made a decision that if I changed Nothing, nothing would change. And I began changing habits and attitudes.

It began with the realization that the antidepressant I had been happily taking for two years essentially saving me from my own anxious depressive brain was affecting my weight. An article I found in Womens Health Magazine titled A Dose of Your Own Medicine, says about switching to Wellbutrin, “Wellbutrin XL doesn’t cause weight gain, as other antidepressants can which is a good thing, because let’s face it: Going up two jean sizes between Halloween and Easter could make anyone depressed”. Um, yes, I agree.

That’s my story about the medication. I switched my medication up to Wellbutrin and started this project simultaneously. I had spent all of last year on the Noom program and logging my food for over 250 days. I didn’t have any success. I wondered what was wrong with me. Why I was accursed. And now I finally know it wasn’t my lack of devotion.

The story continues because there’s way more backstory…

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