I am not supposed to be fixing me. That was so last year and the life  before’s story. IBut I kept telling myself, “if I fix my weight and my brain and my house all up… then everything will be Okay.” Not Okay.

All efforts to fix me didn’t work out that well. And I always still felt crappy about myself underneath even when I did “fix” myself in one way or another.

I spoke about the decisions I made to stop this cycle of self-torture here on this post titled Mind Over Body Matters.

So, this is me following my own advice, “Change Nothing and Nothing Changes”. 

Or “Crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.

20 plus years ago in our new old house

So, I’ve waited and held off from doing anything this year until I was ready to do it for any other reason besides fixing me. And the moment’s finally come.

In three days, I am beginning my own self-commitment and mental improvement project. I’m calling it Project Me: 28 Days Come What May.

I will be exercising and eating well. I’ll ponder a truth a day about why this is what I’ve needed to do.

And I will keep a clear vision for 28 days with my readership’s help. 

Change Nothing and Nothing Changes.

The Start of Project Me : 28 Day Come What May Project on Shalavee.com
Pre-pandemic me

We can in fact do the hard things. 

But only with the right support and accountabilibuddies. And a little forward thinking. Oh, and for the very rightest of reasons. These are mine.

  • To model what I want my daughter to respect. Especially the courage to make a change in one’s life.
  • To lower my cholesterol.
  • To prove to myself that I can do hard things.
  • To no longer be the heaviest I’ve ever been.
  • To impress myself and be my own hero.
The Start of Project Me : 28 Day Come What May Project on Shalavee.com
Our wedding day

My accountability needs to be held so I am giving it to my social media friends and blog readership and to a trainer. My son said “self-accountability is trash” and he is quite right. I just can’t always do it all on my own. So, I am gathering a group of accountabillibuddies along the way. 

As for the forward thinking, I am being very proactive with my planning. I’ve been renovating my thoughts slowly for these first 5 months of 2022. I have put reasons on flash cards why I need to be doing this for myself. Truths from my life and journal which I will be posting daily too.

I’m trying to schedule as many posts ahead of time as I can so I can keep blogging twice a week. I’m making large batches of good food. And stepping off the need to oversee everything all the time.

I’m freeing up room to practice more of the creativity that sustains me.

Hope you will join my support team by cheering me on!

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