This project was a long time coming. Having spent two years in the largest body I’ve ever been in and trying very hard to practice radical self-acceptance while secretly and simultaneously loathing my body and wanting to fix it, I quit Noom and the gym. I decided that there was changes that needed to be made. And I made choices that would shift my trajectory. I got a new primary doctor, a new ant-depressant, and a new hope for my future. Read the previous post titled The Start of Project Me: 28 Days Come What May here.

Reusing my trick that helped me to quit smoking

Back when I quit smoking, I wrote a month’s worth of truths to myself that I would look at each day. These truths were thoughts like, “You’ll never remember one of the cigarettes you ever smoked” and were written on postcards which I put in envelopes with a five-dollar bill. The money was to go towards getting electrolysis done to remove my chin hairs. I have written these out and maybe sharing them in my stories.

Day one’s card read, “I’ve spent a lifetime giving up on myself.”

New habits and day one of 28 Days Come What May Project

With a new habit, you have to set yourself up for success. All the resources, tools, and potential for systems need to be as thought out as possible. I got my coach in place in time so that I had my exercise ready to go. And then this morning I bumped my head on Technology which always wants to screw your easy peasy plans up. After spending nearly 25 minutes trying to get my workout program up on my TV, I gave up and resorted to downloading apps and whatnot on phone and watched my first workout on my laptop on a coffee table while I was on the floor.

Day One of 28 Days Come What May Project on Shalavee.comAnd then the Fear shows up

I start the video and then I think, oops, where are my weights?  I find my 5 and 2 lb hand weights in the garage but have no idea where the 8 lb ones are. Good Enough! OOOps, I need to plug my computer in because it’s almost dead. Wait! Was that the mailman? How much do I weigh today? That’s a hunger pang!

Humanity and fear might try to mess your start up. Distraction and doubt are inevitable. But I have all this accountability on my side! I have an audience, a coach, and my word to hold me in place.

Let’s Goooool!

Autumn insists “I got this” and day one of a lifetime journey is over

The program I’m using is called “4 weeks for Every Body”. Sounds good. Autumn is your host. She has a cute ensemble team of exercisers and they are allowed to go off script, And she has modifiers to make each workout doable for even the meekest. It was a half hour commitment which I wanted to make it seem doable.

Autumn says, “This is to better habits. Here’s to positive thinking, to loving yourself. And most of all, here’s to day one of a journey that’s meant to last a lifetime. It’s okay if you’re not perfect today. There’s no such thing as perfection, only progress.” A little trite perhaps but I got the gist. And I really despise when people insist, “You’ve got this”. Maybe I do and maybe I don’t, but I will commit to not quitting today and show up tomorrow.

I am worth more than always quitting on myself.


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