This is a republication of an old favorite from 2012. Hope you feel inspired to cook from it. I can always use some inspiration.

I’d promised to pass along my recipe for a yummy warm salad with garbanzo beans (aka chick peas), orange zest, tomatoes, and salmon to my friend. Having pulled the recipe out of the box, it was last spotted with a pile of papers in the office area. That was about a week ago. I seem to have misplaced the recipe card. I have searched for it under my chair, inside my books, and even online but to no avail. And thinking about it gave me the appetite to have it in my belly immediately. So this was my solution with what I had on hand.

Warm some olive oil in a skillet.

Then Add

2 stalks of celery, half-inch sliced across

Half a red onion chunky chopped

A cup of red cabbage chunks

Sauté for two minutes to take a little of the edge off. Then add

Small can petite diced tomatoes

Can of garbanzo beans

Half cup each sliced dried apricots

And pitted kalamata olives

Then stir and add

Homemade balsamic dressing

Dash of Herbs de Provence

Ground coriander

Ground marjoram

Salt and pepper

Juice and zest of an orange or even some fruit juice

chickpea salmon aka warm salad on Shalavee.comsalad

Serve on a bed of mix greens topped with warmed salmon filet and a slice of toast. Because it was a warmed salad , it still feels good to eat even on a chilly day. And visually, it is an edible rainbow. Gorgeous red, purple, orange, and brownish purple chunks amidst little beige orbs and green crescent moons. All atop leafy greens and a salmon pink crown. I was even thinking a nut on top would be fun. Or crumbled feta or blue cheese.

This isn’t exactly what I had in the other recipe. And I didn’t have an orange in the house or I would have added the juice and zest. But it hit the zone if not the spot of what I was after. Righteous in many ways, sweet and salty, it reminded me of a caponata. Create variations according to your taste. Enjoy your food or you’re doing it wrong.

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  1. This looks and sounds gorgeous Shalagh. I’m not sure the set posts on set days is something that would work for me as I don’t like to be tied to anything especially as I’m so busy with the children! Maybe you should wait until after the baby and see how you feel then? I know the experts say you should do this but I think I’m happy once a blogger I read is posting regularly : )

    1. I have been fighting a schedule of any sort for a very long time. I wonder knowing something about what I may need would inspire me to be more organized. Like planning meals out ahead of time. You can always switch them around. Thanks for your cents worth. And it’s a given to publish three times weekly no matter. I had the salad again for lunch. Yum.

    1. Hi compliment. I hope you’re inspired to put your own spin on it. I am still hoping to find my other recipe.
      Thanks , Lisa for returning.

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