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I know you think I am a nice person. And I am most of the time. But a patient person? Having a toddler has shown me all of my imperfect impatient downfalls. These became glaringly apparent when we went to dye Easter eggs this past Saturday morning. How quickly I had forgotten the Christmas cookie baking lesson.

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I thought I would be able to figure something out on the fly. Give her a way to dye the eggs. But boom, she’s trying to lay the egg down on the flat table, grabbing the cups of dye, and there’s just no way to baby proof this event. As I was already twitching from the rest of the morning, the moment she took the egg and crushed it in her fist, I knew we were done.

I bloody well love dying Easter eggs. It’s totally a thing for me. Mandatory seasonal crafting along with carving pumpkins. But there are certain things that need to be done without two year-olds and this was one of them. I didn’t mention the brain exploding amount of patience it took the other day to hold the bubbles for like 45 minutes straight while she attempted to blow them, did I. I’ve just gotten rid of the eye twitch and pray it won’t return.

eggs and bowls on Shalavee.com

Yes, some women are born to have and raise children with infinite patience and no other expectations. Pas moi. I could do without this toddler phase except for the utter heart stabbing cuteness of her saying β€œWogger” for water. And the shrieking contagious giggles she gets when her Dad zerberts her on her tummy.

So I am now completely aware that again, I’m not a toddler crafter. I need to leave this stuff to the pros. I’ve learned my lesson. And I’d like to apologize to Fiona, and I just might some day, but not today. I am however secretly praying she doesn’t take this event personally and have it thrown back in my face at age thirteen.

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    1. Thank you for the recognition Suzanne. It means something to hear from the other side. I’ve got the ten year old. But he was a boy. Different beasties.

  1. Ha ha ha, this sounds like just about every single time I attempt to do anything with the sproglet ever. I too am one of limited patience and find myself tersely saying, “Let’s just put the bubbles away now, shall we?” after about one minute of bubble blowing…

    But the toddler phase is so sweet though, at the same time. I know I’ll look back at it and completely forget the insanely infuriating parts.


    1. Oh I know you get it Sabrina. I like my crafting and styling to be done in silence and the luxury of all sorts of time ahead of me. Like those days when I was single and had not a care but to be selfish. Thank you so much for coming over and putting your thoughts here. So very much appreciated !

  2. Oh Shalagh-In my younger years crafting was my full time job, so i feel your pain trying to be a parent crafter. It was not easy in my household either. Wait until you get to the school project phase. Guilty as charged for not being a hands off helper!! As if the teacher didn’t know that I practically made the entire diaroma myself…

    1. Oh that is so funny Alison. I think I’m better with my son. But remember those days when they kept mixing all the paints until it was brown. I know that’s coming still. Thank you for this.

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