Yesterday, I joined a once-a-year challenge on Instagram called the One Day Hour by Hour challenge. You can see it here on my Instagram account.  Hosted by Laura Tremaine, the challenge asks you to chronicle your day hour by hour and post some pictures on social media while you do it.

I thought, what the heck, let’s see if I can pull this off. It was like the old blogging days when I posted every day in October.Participated in the One Day Hour by Hour Challenge on Instagram on


All day, I was adrenalized and exhausted and I figured, for nothing else, I’ll have a chronicle of that day for the future. Or connect with someone. Or give myself more credit for the days I am living instead of the devaluation I know the rest of the world and myself gives it.

Participated in the One Day Hour by Hour Challenge on Instagram on Shalavee.comLyndsey Medford, a fellow participant remarked, “I have growing dreams of advocating for a world where we make our quality of caregiving the measure of our prosperity. But in the meantime,…”


Participated in the One Day Hour by Hour Challenge on Instagram on Shalavee.comWe SAHMs, we get no respect. And up until covid, I didn’t give it to us either. I’ve had a perspective change due to several factors. I had a heroine and mentor, Anna Lovind, offer me the understanding that we value ourselves through the male perspective. Which means most of our work behind the scenes is invisible.Participated in the One Day Hour by Hour Challenge on Instagram on

My Dad recently told me I needed to get a job! This on the tail of my son leaving for college. I have been thinking hard about this. And like a retiree, I need a couple months to be free to be more me. But I know that, unless you spell each minute out of what you do, no one understands the energy and stamina it takes to be constantly present for the next generation of people. If you want to be exhausted, take a look at my IG and Facebook posts from November 8th, 2023 and see how not easy it would be to be me for day.

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