Ideally, I’d make All of the Things Happen to make my Christmas the very best I can make it. My to do list is compiled of cards, decorating, wrapping, stuffing stockings, and food. All of these things I love to do and every year I make an effort to give myself the time and space to do them well. But I also can say that if I start feeling stressed out, it’s time to Let It Go!

First and foremost, we have to balance our doing with our being. And while all my intentions are good, I can definitely have a Christmas Log Jam in my brain. Most women at this time of year are asking themselves to be and do too much so that we can tend the holiday and the people that we hold dear. But if it’s to my own detriment? That’s no good.My Christmas Log Jam Brain on

I have just completed my Christmas decorating efforts to my complete satisfaction, which in and of itself is a huge accomplishment because of being one’s own worst critic. To have the tree meet my standards and almost exceed them is a rarity that I finally achieved this year. (Although it’s better at nighttime than daytime.)

What’s next? Definitely presents and cards. But when I went to inventory how much I had left to do and how much time it would take for me to do all of it, I had about 4 days free to relax because suddenly, we’re all special event planners whether they like it or not.

The most important goal is to keep the love in your heart and not lose your mind. (A compulsive urge to overspend is always there.) To keep myself centered in a place of love and kindness, I need to be willing to drop whatever needs dropping to stay happy. Perfection is an unobtainable construct that keeps luring me into its lair.My Christmas Log Jam Brain on

I do make lists. And my brain is also very busy. So, I might get distracted doing 5 other things I remembered I wanted to do and feel like the task I’m on is taking too long. Too bad I tell myself. Yesterday I went to shake some salad dressing and the lid wasn’t on tight. 15 minutes later, I had wiped all of the mustard and poppy seed laden goo off the floor and the trash can and the cabinets. Things take as long as they do and there are always setbacks.

So, I guess the point is, set out with a plan.

Give yourself lots of time.

Be ready to compassion the heck out of yourself with yelly atta girl expletives.

Don’t be afraid to drop back 10 and punt. Or just give yourself permission to get to it later or not all.

And PS I feel like a winner every year when I want nothing to do with cookie baking!  (A link to an old post with lots of cute Fiona pictures.

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