I was a lunch guest of a woman whom I liked her and admired for starting her own Interior design business. I always thought interior decorating was one of those professions I’d missed my calling for. And she was a liberal thinker, funny, and kind.

Fool-headed Husbands Need to Let Go of Control on Shalavee.com

Within her lovely home, there was a dining room set that was funky and chunky but dark. And when I suggested she just go ahead and paint it, she said “Oh no, my husband wouldn’t approve of that.” They’d bought it together at an expensive local antiques dealer’s you see. He felt had a stake in it’s future. Fool-headed husbands need to know their place.

While speaking to another woman recently about something house decorating oriented, I heard her repeat the echo of how her husband wouldn’t like that. And I realized I feel slightly crazed at this concept. As in, what the heck are people doing?

Fool-headed Husbands Need to Let Go of Control on Shalavee.com

In the case of the designer, she’s the designer! Unless her husband’s a renowned designer himself, who cares what he thinks. In the case of every other woman, the home is ours to command. We deserve at least this much room to be happy within. Husbands are typically installation and demolition. Why do they feel the need to control all other realms of the home? If it makes us happy, let us be happy. Did I say What the Heck?

I often say to women, “You know you are in charge right?” Maybe you don’t really want to always be and I can understand that but the man who doesn’t fear and respect his wife is a ding-dong. We’d give selflessly of ourselves, share our food and our lap with any small beast in need. I believe we deserve to be supported in whatever makes us happy within the house. We need some compliance within reasonable bounds. The generosity shows back up in your beds you fool-headed husbands.

Because, as a former president once said to the rest of the former presidents at a luncheon for incoming president Obama, “If Mama’s not happy, no one is happy.” Wise men they all were.

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