Oh the inferences I had trying to film this video! I had every intention of filming it way before the holiday was over. But then the kids were home. And then it was overcast. And then winter hit and it was overcast all the time. I picked the whole house up one day and was just about to film and then everybody came home.

Here’s the thing, I’ve got a family and a life. I like to separate them and sometimes they can’t be. So here’s the crunchy Christmas House Tour 2017 with me studdering and stumbling and it’s OK. Find it on You Tube here.

Today I actually removed said crunchy Christmas tree. It put up a fight all the way out the door leaving needles and tree bits all through the house and on to the porch. But I’m OK with the mess and the fight as I know it’s the price I pay for the tree that I want.

I do suggest that you replace the tree lights with another light display for the winter. Drape the lights around a mirror or in some twigs in a pot. Our brains need the light source during these long dark winter days.

I hope you have transitioned your holiday hours into happy enough days until the spring comes. And that the sunlight comes, you bask in it.

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