I’ve passed the month mark for the 100 Days Challenge. Or 100 Days of Shalagh as I’ve hashtagged it on Instagram. And as I suspected, it’s not been that hard to do. Partly because I knew going in I’d already proven I could create for 100 days straight (See my starting post on the background to this decision). And partly because the size and medium limits, much like the ICAD challenge, were contained so that it was not daunting to do a 4 × 6 drawing or sketch. And I’m of the mind that done is good enough.

The inkling I had to theme my sketches around household objects has proven even more brilliant as this project has progressed. A documentation of my life in minutiae. Bits and pieces of my childhood and my children’s lives mixed in with every day stuff has exposed parts of me you may not have known. And I take for granted.

I am also enjoying the forced march to become a better artist. Because anything you do over and over again, you will get better at despite yourself. My writing is proof of this. And now my skills in pencils and pastels are improving. And there is no better way to discover how impressive we are than to give ourselves a chance to prove it. To see the first thirteen days, view the post 100 Days Project : The First Two Weeks.

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    • Yes that one and the fingernail polish bottle seemed to grab the most attention. Thank you!

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