100 Day Project : First Two Weeks on Shalavee.com

It would seem I’m two weeks into my 100 Day Project. And it’s been a real joy to be participating. I have no regrets for joining other than that I wish I knew my medium better. But I think this project will be the teacher of that lesson undoubtedly.

100 Day Project : First Two Weeks on Shalavee.com

I began only with the idea of quick sketches in mind. But I quickly realized that the items available for quick sketches were also everyday objects. Mundanity is laying about the house all the time. And such a realization elevates the everyday object to something bigger. Our everyday existence is just as glamorous and glorious as any other day, it’s just how we see it.

Somehow I doubt that I will run out of everyday objects.

100 Day Project : First Two Weeks on Shalavee.com

Follow along with my progress on Instagram and then Facebook as my Instagram account dumps out into Facebook. Any requests for objects? Let me know. Also I’ve asked if there is any subjects that you know I/we should be talking about but aren’t in my last post.

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    • Thank you Tamara. I am very pleased to be showing up daily without incident. Am also trying not to focus and being Wowie Wow Wow every single day. That’s actually a thing.

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