I’m doing the 100 days project starting tomorrow because for so very long, I felt like I couldn’t create. At this point, I’ve spent the better part of my adult life selling myself short. I know everyone around me knew I could do way more than I was allowing myself to see I could do. Tragic but not unchangeable.

100 Day Project Starts Tomorrow on Shalavee.com

I started to think, actually hear the words “I can” in my head somewhat recently. That every time I thought of possibilities of achievement, I didn’t suddenly feel like some sort of snail that wanted to retreat back into my shell at the fearful thought of venturing forward. I heard myself say “I can” instead. That’s some powerful mojo shifting right there.

So when I considered participating in the 100 Day project starting tomorrow, I realized that I could because I’d already done this last year. See my previous post on the 100 Day Project here and feel free to follow along with me on Instagram. I’m mostly sure I’ll be sketching little sketches of little moments of my world every day. I was inspired by my daughter.

Creativity and authenticity are truths worth living.

Thank you for your readership and your support.

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