Same Driver, New Route

It’s still me driving. And sometimes I’m at the wheel of the family van. Making choices for everyone. Children, husband, and myself, as well as various animals and extended family members. I can readily admit that just because I usually do it this way or that way doesn’t mean that’s the way I want to continue to do it. Something’s got to change. And I need to map out a new route.

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I went off-roading when I had another baby so late in life here. A necessary detour that babies call for, like it or not. Now I’m attempting to make other changes to our diet, our spending, the way I look at abundance, and what and who I’m not actually responsible for.

Fiona in the truck from Same Driver, New Route on

Whereas I used to think my vehicle was a used jalopy guzzling gas and ready to be traded in, I’m ready to turn it into a tour bus. I want to luxuriously accommodate myself and my needs on the road. And maybe I don’t want to have to stop to pee. Maybe I want to drive straight through and get there. I’ll keep you posted on the route I’m choosing as I choose it.

Fiona in the truck from Same Driver, New Route on

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50 Asks Update

My 50 asks project started with a bang. I was feeling pretty good about it.

My first ask was for my readership to go ahead and subscribe to my posts. I had a random goal to increase my subscribers number to 100 by the end of July. Well the good news was that I asked you answered. I reached 79 and yesterday 80 subscribers. I lost a little momentum with continuing the Ask to reach my 100. I’ve got one more week to go and frankly, I am so happy with reaching 80, I’m good with it all.

As I wrote in this post, the second was a contribution of a piece called The Story of A Come Here on the Eastern Shore Writer’s Association’s blog (who are in need of a new blog master now). 

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The third ask was a submission to the Huffington Post. Haven’t heard back. Am ready to send them another to hedge my bets.

The fourth ask was a spontaneous one to fellow blogger Jane of That Curious Love of Green. I suddenly thought it would be neat to join up with another blogger and do a cooking project like the two gals on two different continents do at Liz and Jewels. Sadly, my friend has put herself to a stringent schedule of editing her novel. She is an amazing task master and stole time from her life all winter to make that novel happen. So of course I was so happy that she’s moving to the next phase. And a little embarrassed to ask for I had forgotten she was knuckling down again. That was a bust but not giving up on the concept yet. Maybe another blogger/reader will think to ask me if they can join up to do a simultaneous cooking project with me instead?

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The fifth ask was to the editors of Blunt Moms. They kindly said, read our stuff and write us a submission. So that is now going on the to do list.

The idea behind the Ask project is two fold. It’s in place to give me impetus to submit more writing to the world but it’s also a way of making me gain a thicker skin and see more opportunities/ risks to ask for what I want.  I have a project I’m working on for a blogger meet up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and need to ask for stuff and support.

Ready or not, here’s to my next 5 asks. 

Their Needs Come First, Then Come Yours

I love that feeling you have when you’ve successfully gotten away, had time to unwind and relax, and gained some perspective on your life. You return with fresh eyes and see your life a little differently. And that is so not what I got from my recent vacation. Not in the least. I got exhaustion and irritation and the knowledge that no matter what, it’s not about my expectations ever. It’s about making sure that my children’s needs and delights are taken care of first. hey I did go on the vacation too from

Despite that a person never really feels like putting everyone in a bathing suit and slathering them with sunblock, you are going to do just that. You, the most awesome vacation planning parent will suck it up so they have two opportunities to go to the beach and two opportunities to go to the pool in the two days you are there at the beach in the expensive hotel that you wished you could enjoy ALONE. You may just have to lower your expectations and remember children don’t care where you eat as long as they’re fed in a timely fashion. And your toddler is just as happy watching the same movie in the hotel room that they watch at home every day.Digging in the sand at OC MD on

Fact is, if you want to relax and unwind, you are not bringing your children. You spoil them because that’s what you should do on a vacation. And they won’t mean to be ungrateful, they just will be. They’ve got it good and they’ll never see it that way. Yes, they’ll be out of their element, have to poop or pee but won’t, and will be exhausted and overstimulated. You will spend an inordinate amount of time caring about and making sure their needs are met to the exclusion of you own. This will not be your vacation, it will be theirs.Fiona sitting in the pool in #OCMD on

So, I’m looking for a vacation still. Maybe just an overnight on your couch. A glass of wine on a porch of a place where my children aren’t. A conversation about something I find interesting that my husband doesn’t. Anyone?

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