Life has layers. Especially if you are a caretaker and a homekeeper. And within this web of work, there is a priority hierarchy.

In my head, there are tasks that take precedence and others that can wait. And as I’ve become more and more busy with the moving in of my mother, I have bogged down my brain with all the tasks for all the people.

Life Has Layers on Shalavee.comIllnesses take precedence as well as payment deadlines. But then there’s the need for TP in the downstairs bathroom. And almost being out of the special cat food which prevents the cat from being sick.

But then there’s the email box clean out. And the greasy kitchen stove top. Or laundry piling up or a turkey to order for Thanksgiving. My life is relentless like that.

Of course, the other members of my family want to put other things on my list. My husband is a professional delegater but Covid taught me how to say No. Yet the list gets added to and is never ending.

Life Has Layers on Shalavee.comI try to cram a lot in one day, but there is also the need to take enough time for myself. So I brain dump and somehow, I begin to fit the pieces together in a way that gets things done in an order that makes sense only to me.

Somehow, I manage to keep the machine running smoothly and stuff me time in there. Going for a walk or having lunch with a friend. Or making art or writing all give me a sense of me so that I don’t get swallowed by the life doing machine.

Because if I go down, everyone’s going down with me.


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