You know me. I’m that pretty girl who waited you that one time in the cafe in Baltimore. I may have served you a drink at a bar downtown and had a kind and wise thing to say to you in your moment of loneliness.

I’m that gal who waited on you in the video store in the 80’s with that bruise on my face. We chatted about independent films and when you saw me again on a downtown street, you yelled “Hey Video Girl”.

I’m that young woman who smiled at you in the grocery store, who you heard laugh loudest at the city fair, and who wrote furiously on the number 8 bus going up York Road. I’m also the one my friends stopped asking to go out for drinks because I always said no, so stuck and lost in the horrible marriage I was in.

You may know me but I often don’t realize who I am, especially in other people’s eyes. I am quick to dismiss others admiration or compliments. I figure they don’t really see me the way I see me. But in ways, I think others know me better than myself.

What if I was to see myself through your eyes? What would I see?

Perhaps I need to take a public survey of how everyone sees me.

Do you remember the Baltimore, Maryland me or do you only know the Eastern Shore of Maryland me? What do you most like and dislike about me? If there was one thing you’d want me to honor in myself, what would it be?

And then I’ll come back and share what I find out.

Meanwhile, feel free to leave your comments below.

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