Yes, as if I could learn anymore, this third week of my, and our, creative September (#ourcreativeseptember on Instagram where others joined me !) has brought another few layers of ahas from this month-long creativity challenge. Having moved through the cloud of resistance, I am now stepping into create mode very quickly. As a given now, I don’t have to grapple with “if”.

Week three of our creative September on shalavee-staging-1.local

As for the when of the creating, I try to think and not think about it. Like if you talk about going to a movie too much, you’ll talk yourself right out of going. The creativity needs to be both slightly spontaneous and slightly planned.

Pastel feather on week 3 of our creative September

This week I really had no plans for what I might like to be doing or trying. Last week’s mixed media attempts were so satisfying that I knew anything that I felt curious about would be just great. And on my birthday weekend, I even played with flowers to satisfy my creativity need/demand.

pastel-nouveau-poppy on week three of our creative September on
collage waterlilies on week three of our creative September on

Pastels are still satisfying my need to prove something to myself. A need to call myself artist. I found the vulture feather that was lost in the house and tried using the black pastel paper I’d almost forgotten I’d bought. I think that piece is really sexy. As for the flower, I’ve tried to draw flowers with the pastels but hadn’t liked the results. So I thought to overcome this loss by just copying an art nouveau poppy picture I adore. And that seemed to satisfy my ego.

But what I like most was the mixed media collage and pastels that I used in recreating the lily pond picture. The first one in pastels was done when I was still feeling shaky in my use of pastels. So this feels like confidence in redoing the same picture to see how it turns out. I like it better.

Pastel bee in London on week 3 of our creative September
bed-bug-over-long-island on my third week of creativity on
spider-over-londons-fleet-street on My third week of creativity on

The bugs in your city series was just plain fun!! The biggest gift of all I received, one that you can see only if follow along on Instagram, is the arting snowball that began to happen in my community there. One person then another then another joined in for the challenge. And as I watch them supporting one another and others being inspired, I sigh with contentment. Because I am immensely grateful for all those who have offered up to include me in their challenges that I might challenge myself and discover a better more creative way of living. And a way to allow my inner child to come out and play more often and more easily. One last week of creating and then we’ll be slam into the beginning a month strait of posts on the blog! October is coming, remember?

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  1. Wow Shalagh, such creative and prolific output this month and love the way your going with the flow of whatever needs to be created will happen. I love the bug mixed media creations, so many layers (literally!) and my imagination quite goes off on one. Reminds me how much I love maps. I haven’t been part of your challenge but sounds like it’s been an opening month for all involved. Xox

    1. Thank You Dal for stopping by and looking at/reading about my challenge. It’s mind boggling what growth a person can experience if we keep to something. And the group effort was unexpected and joyful! I appreciate your encouragement!

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