As hard as it seems to hear sometimes, we need to ask, “What do you think?” And we’ll get someone’s honest, or not, opinions and thoughts on what we asked. And underneath that dialogue are the feelings that either come from or caused these thoughts. Because as uncomfortable as feelings are, they are still there lurking about masked by or intertwined with our thoughts

Sharing our feelings is not only good for us, but also for others. Speaking our feelings, as in the “I feel’s” not to be confused with “I think’s”, might allow someone a course of action they may have been afraid to choose. Like choosing to not make something personal. Or allowing for grief to begin.

We are reminded of our organic and human form by our feelings. A messy and nonsensical container that holds too much too often. If we allow the release of the feelings which govern the thoughts that spark the actions, we may find catharsis and company in the most unlikely and upfront places.

So when someone just skips to the chase and gives their feelings about something, I am truly appreciative for their honesty. Feelings are a window into people’s behavior and choices. And if I find fear there at the base of their motivation, I am more likely to be compassionate. I don’t feel, or think, that judging someone’s fear is appropriate. And understanding this may help to make us all have a little more compassion with ourselves.

Sometimes we all need a peer to show us our humanity to then allow our own humanity to happen.

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