After reading a rather inspirational blog post last night and again this morning, I see the third dimension. The missing piece that I can identify but not quite name. I’ve acknowledged before that my mirror is broken. And today I know I’m still looking at the back of it. Would that I knew what I knew, I would willingly teach it to other people.

The post author Jeff Goins said , ”Teach What You Know”. Because :

  • If we all taught what we knew, we would waste a lot less time trying to impress other people, pretending to be smarter than we really are.
  • If we all taught what we knew and didn’t hoard our knowledge, we would all be smarter.
  • If we all taught what we knew, those around us would value what we offer more.

Sigh. I am often tied in knots with so many thoughts overloading my brain, I hardly know what to do first or how or where. Would that seem more preferable than claiming my talents ? The invisible powers I have that people would seem to value but I don’t ?

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Jeff started his post by saying, “There are so many people out there these days who want to sell you something they have no right trying to sell. And ironically, it seems that the most qualified experts are often the quietest voices. So how do we fix this?”

Shazam. So many people selling things that I find it obnoxious. I don’t want to sell you anything. I want to engage you in thought and process.And eventually, if you really like what I’m teaching and I put it in a book form and you want to but it, then I’ve earned it fairly.

So you tell me, what do you think my “Gifts of Knowledge” are?

What could I teach you?

I’m willing and almost ready to do another video house tour. What video would you want to see otherwise?

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I’m going to conduct this survey internally and externally and see what results I get. And then I’m going to work hard to share with you what seems of most value.

Because you can’t be stingy with you. Share yourself and your kindness and your wisdom with people even if you think they might not appreciate it. You’ll appreciate giving yourself permission to just be you.

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    1. I don’t agree Kathy. I felt a different kind of pleasure when I taught that blogging workshop. A sense of purpose for inspiration and greater truth gathering. And I liked it. I think my purpose is there in that zone and being entertaining doesn’t hurt either.
      Love Ya’,

  1. Well, I love your house tours, so would love another one. Maybe a sharing of how you conceive of design ideas for home and special events, then make your plan for execution? I’m also curious how you take a blog post idea and get it into words, post it, and develop notes for the next – daily! – post. And, I’d totally love a cooking video with you – your photos make things looks “easy” and scrumptious. And, and…easier said than done, I know. But I love all the gifts you share. xo!

    1. So so funny that as you are writing this, I’m in the other room continuing to redecorate the “living room that we dine in” . I rearranged the rooms before my birthday and have been itching to actually put up curtains and everything. So you’ve got your video walk through coming. AND wow, thank you for actually answering my question. It was very helpful in that I think I can start to actually consider producing your requests. Awesome! Thank you immensely Dawn.
      Love Ya’,

  2. A video house tour? What fun!! And that cooking video idea of Dawn’s is a good one too. Pie crust would be a great start (she says selfishly!)

    1. Yup Shannon! So I am in the process of redecorating for the video and looking forward to it. Have to grab a talking subject as I go. I saw I did my first one in January of 2014 if you wanted to search the date and watch. And your request for pie crust making is noted and a good one. I think I considered gravy making too as my friend requested it. But sometimes it takes a while to getting around to consider what you once blew off. My husband often says, “Didn’t I say that you should do X or Y before?” Yeah but I wasn’t ready yet.

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