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Officially, the Creativity Bootcamp Challenge has begun. And the word “Challenge” was made clear to me today. Dropped the boy off at school early for band practice. And when Fiona and I returned, we went straight up to the craft room. Saving the majority of the story for tomorrow’s post but thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the first day’s proof of creativity and tell you that overcoming my “why I can’t create right now” excuses is going to take the entire month of October.

Just know that any progress in your life takes focus and resignation. Disabilities need not be reasons for failure. They’re just there to make the end product look that much sweeter and you and your perseverance more impressive.

Every day in October, there’ll be something published on the blog. It’s a thing and I’m doing it again. See the next post here.

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  1. I wrote morning pages and took a photograph…more will come! I’m usually bogged down with excuses and blockages. Here’s to October!

    • Little bitty steps are steps all the same Jennifer. I have yet to sit doew and actually journal. I spent my whole day wrapped around making and writing and media-ing, I’m looking forward to doing the work of writing.

  2. I love the new month of creativity idea!!! I have such a string of go to reasons that hinder me everyday – so I love that you are pushing through it and inspiring others to be there with you.

    • First, Thank You so very much for coming here and saying this Anna. Means so very much to me. Accountability is the one factor, the one word that’ll push you out of your comfortably numb zone Anna.When you say you’ll do something you’ll do it. and that’s why I use these challenges to move myself onwards.
      Love to you and the Mister,

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