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  • Friday Picture Show

    Friday Picture Show

    So many wonderful moments we were able to live and enjoy this month. Our annual visit to a Fifer Farms with a corn maze and slides and bouncy things! Our 20th wedding anniversary party. Other parties, the light, the meals, and the family. I feel contented this month and ready to move forward. Interested in […]

  • Friday Picture Show

    Friday Picture Show

    It’s been a slow news week for me. I’m plodding along crossing things off my list. Doing the seasonal clean in my house. Planning to take a load to auction in a week and a half. I’m in do it mode and found myself at a loss for what to say here on the blog. […]

  • A Second Round of Captivity Pictures

    A Second Round of Captivity Pictures

    Our two week pandemic lockdown rolled out into a two month self-imposed incarceration as we await our governor’s recommendation for how much longer we will stay safely away from society and it’s disease contaminating state. And to think I said, “I just have to run my household for these two weeks without losing my mind.” […]

  • Every Picture Tells a Story…

    Every Picture Tells a Story…

    And an even better one when the picture is pretty. I have always loved taking pictures. And after I birthed this blog from a need to practice my writing, I soon became aware that I needed to put my own pictures with my words. It made sense. And just as my writing benefited from perpetual […]

  • Driving Through the Doubt Storm

    Driving Through the Doubt Storm

    Through the work of the magnificent Sas Pethrick, I received a huge aha about myself recently. I took her quiz on my self-doubt archetype and, BAM, I was exposed. I do have a tough time believing I can do the hard things. I do believe I need someone’s help for everything or it’s impossible. And I […]

  • The First Our Creative Selves Challenge Begins

    The First Our Creative Selves Challenge Begins

    Today is the first day of a week-long creativity challenge I am hosting on Instagram running from February 13th through February 19th, 2017. If you have followed along with my creative endeavors since last year, you may remember the September Creative Challenge I gave myself where I made art a non-negotiable. Read the wrap up here. […]

  • My Spring Soul Selfie Instagram Challenge

    My Spring Soul Selfie Instagram Challenge

    I have been a bit quiet on the keyboard for the past couple days. My brain exhausted and mulling over this past week’s Spring Soul Selfie Instagram challenge I hosted. Which is to say I came up with the hashtag #soul_selfie, created 7 days of prompts, and asked that people join in and post a […]

  • 2015, A Year In Review-ish

    2015, A Year In Review-ish

    About to step into the new year and I think, 2015 wasn’t that bad. There were a few promising moments which made it not suck so much. There were a few times when I said, this is really great being me. And there were a few moments when I was painfully aware of our collective […]

  • Dear Sweet October

    Dear Sweet October

    Breathtaking heartbreaking October, how I love/hate you so. You come in so nonchalantly. I rose to my own yearly challenge of daily posting 31 days in a row and threw in a creative bootcamp on top.   Then the family fun began. We had Family Fall Fun with play places and festivals, a trip to […]

  • Silent Sunday

    Silent Sunday

    ***** Silent Sunday. And If you enjoyed what you read, subscribe, via the subscription box in the sidebar, to my thrice weekly posts via your emailbox. And visit me on Instagram to see my daily pictures, friend me or like my page on Facebook. Or come find me on Twitter orPinterest too. I am always […]