Every Picture Tells a Story…

And an even better one when the picture is pretty.

I have always loved taking pictures. And after I birthed this blog from a need to practice my writing, I soon became aware that I needed to put my own pictures with my words. It made sense.

And just as my writing benefited from perpetual practice, so did my pictures. I discovered it wasn’t in the taking of the picture necessarily, although you do need to have something captured on your camera, but in the editing of the pictures.Every Picture Tells a Story... on

At first, I used my picture program in my computer to pump up the contrast and colors for each picture. But when my old computer began to lock up with too many pictures, I started to use my phone camera and other photo editing apps to do all of my picture editing.

I’ve tried Snapseed and VSCO but in the end, I just use the phone edit program, Square InPic which puts any picture into a square format, and then the edit program attached to Instagram. That’s it.

I have a new computer as of a year ago and would love to get a better photo program to use, but for now, I can use my phone with all the pictures being backed up onto my phone via OneDrive.Every Picture Tells a Story... on

Maybe one day I’ll get back to film, or even own a DSLR camera, but for now I am contented to just keep doing what I’m doing. The best camera is the one you have with you.

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  1. Mala S. Burt says:

    I can’t find an app called Square InPic on the app store. There are several square app options but not one with that name. Can you help?

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