Often, as I’m engaged in one of my creative projects for my fellowship’s community like decorating the Christmas tree or the Sanctuary for a fundraiser, people exclaim,”Oh Shalagh, you are so creative.” If you were someone who said this, thank you. But  besides giving me a compliment, what I hear them saying is, “You can but I can’t”. And this infuriates me

Creativism is Valuing Creative Living on Shalavee.com

As children, we are free, and maybe even expected, to find out who we are and explore our understanding of the world and ourselves through creativity. But I’ve heard many people tell how they’ve had their innocent well-meaning creative aspirations crushed by a work-ethic crazed adult who deemed their talent “Not enough”. Everyone now carries this concept of creativity as only something for the elitely creative to partake in. That only people with talent are allowed into the “artist club” is just a load of bunk.

On November 18th, 2017, between 10 -Noon, I’ve volunteered to conduct a Creativity Workshop because I believe that creativity belongs to everyone and the benefits to our mental health are irrefutable. My personal experience of granting myself creative permission has resulted in an incredible decrease of my anxieties and an increase in self-discovery, self-trust, and self-efficacy. Creative healing is powerful stuff and is there for anyone regardless of talent.

Creativism is Valuing Creative Living on Shalavee.com

I also join many in the belief that creativity, and not consumerism, will help the world to heal and shift. That each person is already creative in their own ways of living and doing, they just need to discover and be mindful of this creative element in their lives. Creativism is a state of mind that trusts the flow of life and the discovery of truth.

I am not the most talented person I know at the creative tasks I do. But I strongly believe that everyone needs support and permission to live their lives in more creative ways and discover what they mean to their world and their world means to them. We will hopefully debunk some creative myths, begin to bring possibility and hope back for some of our inner artists, and have a chance to create some real permission slips and badges we can take home as keepsakes.

It is my hope to get people excited about their own creative projects as well as create a support network of people for our creative endeavors. Sometimes all creativity needs is permission, a jump-start, and a maintenance program.

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