When we moved into this house, I wanted to change everything. And I almost did. I randomly and creatively reformed this old house into an artist’s house. It’s something I just do. I Hardly ever buy newly made stuff. No way. I must have unique homemade and thrifted stuff. And use it in a totally new way.That’s me.

mantle in the living room from my decorating style on SHALAVEE.COM

I am a little short fused when it comes to going all the way on a project. I’ll try to take shortcuts to get the results I want to see immediately. And that doesn’t always work well. But the spontaneity was always there. And I created a style. Until I stopped.

As I was happily styling something today, it occurred to me why I stopped making the effort to decorate. Because I was never going to do my stuff as perfectly as those perfecty perfect people on design shows and magazines. My stuff just isn’t professional enough. My apples to their oranges.

My kitchen from my decorating style on SHALAVEE.COM

But today, I decided to give myself the credit back. What I do is art. I live artfully. And because of that, there are no rules. And although I’d never make it as an interior designer for my sloppy short cuts, I think a lot of designers could probably use a little artist in their souls to loosen them up.

I desperately need to have the permission to play with my house again. There are so many unfinished areas that I have passed my irritated with it all phase and have moved into my “disgusted give up never going to happen hopeless” phase. I need hope again. I am trapped in my small world and need to be happier with it.

My dining room from my decorating style on SHALAVEE.COM

I know everyone enjoys seeing the house, even in its current state of horrors, so I am going to open my mind up to some possibilities and some risks. I have decided to do another house walk through soon. A real live video containing me walking and talking. Risk is good and it also gives me something to work toward. I know I didn’t come through with the baby’s room yet but this is different I promise.

Thanks for putting up with me. See you soon. Or you’ll see me soon.

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    1. Jennifer, I like that everyone is saying warm and inviting. I see so many pictures of the clean white interiors, and though I admire the sentiment, I am such a texture and color junkie, I need the visual color and fabrics to make me happy. I need to do another video walk through because I need to prove it’s OK to be slap happy and still brave it be comfy and pretty in a boho devil may care arty way. And if it photographs well, that’s all that really matters.

  1. I agree on warm and inviting. And also, the home of an artist! I mean, that shell ship, on that tray, with the piece behind it, on top of The Way to Be Happy? Love it! Can’t wait to “follow you through your home” when the video is posted. Yes, play!!

    1. So funny Dawn. I don’t even realize sometimes what I’m playing with or why. But if you have stuff that you like and you put it all together until you like it, it’s gonna work for you. To heck with anyone else. They don’t live there. You do. I struggle with wanting it all different right now.
      Setting a date today for shooting video.

  2. It’s so pretty, Shalagh. Yes, it is art what you do. And to live creatively is a gratifying thing to strive for. I wish you could decorate my house! Mine is not very artful and I usually blame it on lack of finances, but you’ve inspired me. Your house is very inviting!

    1. I’d love to come into your house and play. I’m a big fan of grab a rubber band and put a sheet up over there. Or make a huge mobile and hang it in that corner. If you and you kids do it, it’s all you. Pride of place. Have an idea, just do it even if it’s wrong. Did you read my post on the birdcage light? Funny one about staying the decorating course despite pitfalls. Of falling ladders.

  3. I could move right in…love the yellow beadboard in your dinning area…and all of the cozy nooks to sit, read, watch, enjoy. Beautiful + real. That’s what a home should be. <3

    1. Thank you so very much Darice. Someone once said you need a chair in every room and I agree. Three light sources and fabric too. Plants are nice if you don’t kill them. Thank you and hope you will come back for my video walk through.

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