Official know-it-alls everywhere know that to be a an expert you have to be an authority. No one’s going to give you credit for your knowledge unless you can prove that you have more to say and can say it better than other people. And then you get promoted to expert, authority, and official know-it-all.

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As for me and my expertise, this would all make sense if I were talking about bowling or raising beavers. But what about just being an expert on life ? Does life experience and hard knocks give you credibility? I’d have to vote yes or my blog has had no meaning. Surely the people who dig the experiences and lessons that women like Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert are offering in their novels, courses, and social media would agree as well.

In fact it’s rather astounding what credibility truth can hold when you truly hear it. Both from others and yourself. This month I’m about to embark on an e-course that will help me find my innermost truths and what my book Manifesto will be. I should add that I had one flash of genius on this potential book like eight years ago and then gave up on it completely. So for me to even be contemplating it again is HUGE.

From your own authority on shalavee-staging-1.local

But again, what gives me the authority to write anything ever? It is the experiences that we live that shape who we become. We know how that happened, we embody the living of those lessons and the knocks that we got to get here. So who better to tell those stories than us. And if they’re profound and funny, Great! And if they’re not, they’re still my stories and I’m the authority on genuineness of their intentions and details.

So I am putting it out there that I am an authority on my life. And that is enough. Proof on how good a story that is will be in the writing, what has come before and what will follow.

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  1. One of my favorite quotes and I don’t remember where I heard it, is that if you’re inspired to write it, there is someone who needs to read it. I am in such a similar place, so perhaps when the fear dragon rears its ugly head, we can slay it together. Enjoy your course and write on!!

    1. I write therefore you read Karen. Inspiration is a technicality. I am so very glad to recognize you on this path too. Hello!!!

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