Revelation always begins in my journal. I’m sitting on the purple couch writing with my fountain pen in purple ink. I’m noticing how I don’t feel as awesome about myself as I’d like to. I write, “How does one convince oneself of one’s worth?”


And I start to think, “Why do I keep thinking I need to perfectly do that exact perfect thing to find my happiness instead of just moving into a joyful sweet spot and seeing where it leads me?” Following joy and curiosity willingly into the messy unknown.


Creativity never begins as a product but as is a process by which we find out what the world means to us and what we mean to the world. If to only value this is to always be in the right process. And the devotion to this process gives superhuman results.


Less than a week ago I wrote, “I want to take myself a little more seriously. In order to support my self-love and my self-trust, I need more consistent showing up for myself.”

And then, “That’s the 100 Day Project!”, I wrote/screamed to myself.

So, what am I going to do? 100 Days of what? Definitely an art medium, perhaps a mixed media endeavor? Out of My Journal and into Creative Commitment on

I wrote, Devotion to our creativity is the best kind of permission we can give to others. We don’t need the following of people who may or may not get us. Instead, we need to be involved in something so wholeheartedly that people get the power and want to watch it unfold.

Devotion to our creativity is the best kind of permission we can give to others.

So, look at me getting all LEAPY! My word of the year rushes in rather proudly to take a bow.

This was 6 days ago, and I found out the announced date of the beginning of the 100 Day Project was February 18th. Like waking up from a dream and realizing there’s still time!

Read my post Courage to Create for more inspiration.


This might be my 7th time participating. I’ve lost count. And I can tell you that I’ve had the most amazing experiences and the worst experience with this project. The best was because I was so proud of myself for continually showing up for myself. Me, myself, and I were tight. I gained back my own trust tenfold. And I can tell you the bad experience was because I relied on others to tell me my project was worthwhile. Ironically, busting myself on that untruth was what started my ongoing #100daysoflettinggoofpastshite 100-day project. Read how I wisely busted myself for this here. Whereas one usually does it every day, I decided that this would be a different kind of 100-day project. This project is still going on and up to day #60 now and will be finished in its sweet time. 


Feel free to ask me any and all questions about my experiences in this project and let me know if you too are feeling a pull toward a more regular creative practice? 


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