I feel so fortunate this week. Let me name you the reasons why.

  • My blog is on it’s way to being a big girl’s site. Read about how I was feeling in February.
  • I created beautiful pictures that I am proud of and are so ME to use in the redesign.
  • I wrote and edited the heck out of a piece for International Women’s Day on self-bullying that was the best I could write. It’ll be published on another site to link back to me! That’s what bloggers do, you see.
  • My anxiety is at bay. No more swirling vortex episodes in over a year.
  • I am hosting a creativity challenge and am so happy to be in community with all these lovely people! I am a rich woman in my soul.
  • My daughter Fiona is turning 7 this week. She is happy and beautiful and a blessing to everyone she meets.
  • My son is so talented and engaged in using his talents, it’s all I ever want for kids his age, especially him.
  • I am moving forward, not stalled and frozen, in so many ways.

That concludes my Monday gratitude journal post. I hope everyone is feeling the hope of Spring or Fall in your own worlds. And you sleep well this evening.

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And, as always, Thanks to you for your visit.


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