While I am very pro “be here now”, I still struggle with being content where I am in ways… I rage about my perimenopausal body, focusing on where I think my body should be. A belly that looks pregnant but isn’t ?!

I expect myself to know what the “plan” is for my “work”. Know before I start. Ridiculous.

If we can only take one day and make one decision at a time, how do we shift away from and replace these thought habits? What guides us to make the next decision and the next decision?

The answer is to always lead the way with love and compassion. We are “doing it right” if it gives us Joy. The next plan I choose to make needs to be fueled by a spark of joy and can never be fueled by self-hatred. I want to live my life interacting with other like-minded people and making sense of all of this together. I want community and witnessing and wisdom in a safe place. 

This intention is my guide and I ask myself, will this bring me joy? If yes than let’s do it. If no then screw it, thus eliminating the shoulds.

So soon, there will be more offerings from me that fulfill these joyful aspirations. I hope that my community will join me in building a safe and happy place for us joy and wisdom seekers together.


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