It’s such a hate/love thing, this project. You start and stop your first time. And then the next time, you scale your aspirational scope down and you make almost every day. And gradually, month, it seems like an unconditional must. Something to look forward to instead of regret. A part of a yourself that you are becoming.

This is the fourth time (I think) that I’m participating in the 100 Day Project/Challenge. And it’s been a life changing experience every time. Participants choose some artistic expression every day for three months. And the smaller the scalle, the easier it is.

Read the FAQs on the official website at Here’s what was the Instagram page sai…


Hi Artists, and happy New Year!

Exciting news: the 2022 round of #The100DayProject begins on Sunday, February 13!

That gives you a month to think about what your project might be and get ready to start. Keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters for more guidance and save the date for our live Q&A: Sunday, January 23 at 9AM PST. The Q&A will be on Instagram Live here @dothe100dayproject.

A request: will you help us get the word about the project? Here are a few ways to share:

You can forward this post or the website to friends (
Post this image on your social channels (or create your own!)
Share the project with other creative communities

The rules are more like guidelines. It’s definitely not a race but an adoption of yourself and a community of artists from all over the world. This is you stealing off-time from your busy life to show up just for you. It’s a commitment to a new ritual with you and your inner child. I’ve been giving up on myself all my life so this was about breaking that spell.

I’ve tried my hand at pastels and pencils, collage, and watercolor pencils. This year I’m doing something with photography and words. Going to spend the next month playing a little with the concept to smooth out the edges.

The Instagram page for the #100dayproject2022 HERE.

And if you want to check out my 100 Day Project from 2018, visit the post at Wrapping up the 100 Day Project : Sketches 76 through 100 – Shalavee .

I look forward to connecting with people on Social Media, mostly Instagram, and cheering each other along.

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